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My Yoga journey started almost 4 years ago, and I can honestly say that having Kirsten guide and teach
me, has been the biggest blessing. Kirsten's approach to her students is open, supportive, and
reassuring, while also challenging them and helping them to meet and exceed their goals. She uses great
cues, always reminds you to use your breath, and offers modifications and challenges through every part
of the practice. Most importantly, Kirsten always seems to pick up on the energy in the class, what you
need and can adjust and personalize the practice along the way. Every practice is different and perfect.
Having Kirsten as my yogi, I found I was able to progress in ways I never imagined and just as an added
bonus, Kirsten is kind, warm and has a great sense of humor.


Thank you, Kirsten, you have helped me so much and I look forward to many more years of practicing with you.

Kathy M.





I have had the pleasure recently of practicing yoga with Kirsten Dawson through Breathe Hot Yoga studio. She does an amazing job... in the studio and online virtually more recently!! I choose to keep returning to Kirsten's flow classes because of how I feel after, and this is directly because of how comfortable and inspired I am feeling during the class. Comfortable enough to drop my guard and engage in authenticity and inspired enough to not hold back and recognize how my body and mind need to move in that moment. I appreciate how Kirsten recognizes this need in her students and offers complimentary modifications for all levels of practitioners. Not many instructors are able to succeed in offering an intelligent full body workout while the same time focusing on spiritual polishing and personal well-being.  Even when the fire alarm goes off lol.... 

Thanks for who you are and what you share Kirsten!!  Look forward to practicing with you again.

Landon G.





I had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten during our Yoga teacher training in Nosara, CostaRica. I had the honor of watching her transform into a powerful, intuitive and encouraging teacher, that also stepped into the role of humble student! Since our training I have continued to attend her classes! Her radiant energy, charisma and motivating spirit encourage you to push your body through her fiery vinyasas, while guiding you through conscious breath for optimal mental and physical performance.  I am so grateful and humbled to be along Kirsten’s side as she expands in her teaching always guiding with love, grace and passion for yoga and the health benefits this beautiful practice entails. 

Laura C.





I think there is something to be said about an instructor when you follow them from studio to studio just to take their classes. Kirsten never fails to foster an environment in her classes that while calming also provides encouragement to push yourself in your practice. Her classes have become a favorite in my practice and something I always look forward to.

Sarah G.





Kirsten knows how to keep it real which makes her practice very relatable. She inspires, ground’s and creates a space for self-expression making her classes a magnet for the yoga community. 

Virtual high five Kirsten!! Can’t wait to flow with you again.

Jermain M.

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