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We Aren't Here To Do It Alone.

Updated: Apr 2

To Jodi & Emma,

I have the tendency not to ask for help when it would probably do me some good. Not because I don’t want the help, or don’t see the value in multiple minds coming together, but because I am bound and determined to give a solo swing at it first. I think it's a survival kind of thing and if you were to ask my parents about doing things on my own, they would most likely agree. I'm sure they still look at me sometimes as this curly-haired, wild, five year old swinging from monkey bars, and walking on things I shouldn’t’. I had this loud and apparent “try and stop me” vibe going on and I believed whole-heartedly in testing the limits of my parents. It occurred to me that asking for help was probably the best option for me after months of attempting to build my own website in 2018 and failing miserably. I know you might be thinking that swinging from monkey-bars and building a website are two different things, but to me, that’s kind of what this process has felt like. I see the challenge that lies ahead and I've got this! It might be a little tricky here and there...okay, maybe a little more than I thought...should I just ask for help? I asked for help.

As Mocean started to take shape, I gained an incredible amount of perspective. This experience has been nothing short of freeing and humbling and in order for me to truly communicate my vision, I had to let down some walls, and choose vulnerability over listening to fear. After all, it can be a scary thing following your heart. Lucky for me, I had an ocean of support and creativity around me and I soon changed my outlook on asking for help as a sign of strength and an opportunity for growth, instead of feeling like I should give up, and move on. And so the journey began... Jodi Toews was the first monkey-bar confidant I connected with in the spring of 2020. She created a foundation for Mocean that truly blew me away. Her compassionate demeanor, and creative flare made for such an enjoyable and wholesome experience. Jodi also shares a deep passion for movement and a connection to the outdoors, which made our time together feel easy and understanding. If you are looking for someone to truly capture the essence of your brand, look no further than the wonderful Jodi Toews. She is a pillar for success! Then came Emma….

Emma and I know each other from high school, and after a mutual friend of ours recommended I contact her for website creation, I took the next step in Mocean, and reached out to her. Emma is inventive and incredibly talented- yes building a website is a talent- she leaves space for you to marinade in your creativity between meetings, and always offers meaningful feedback that is sure to influence the success of your brand. Emma understood wholeheartedly that Mocean is a direct reflection of the person I am, and what I hope to share with the world. She herself has been a vehicle of transformation for me, and I can't thank her enough. In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to work with both of these amazing women. Like I have said before, each of us can be both a masterpiece and a work in progress. Life can be messy, you fall, you get back up and you try again. Next time you think about taking a leap toward change, or transformation, consider what it would be like if you did it in collaboration or with the support of someone by your side. With all my heart, thank you Jodi & Emma! -Peace-

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