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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

An important lesson I have learned throughout my experiences is to absorb all the good parts of the people you meet, for the betterment of your soul. Let them teach you lessons, listen to their stories, and do your best to enjoy the human experience of cultivating connection. I think a big part of life is the privilege we have to experience it with others.

The people we meet throughout our journey are there to lend an ear, they help us navigate our way through challenging times, they laugh with us, they cry with us, they empower us to so freely express the person we are, and they encourage us to own the capacity we have to create. Some are here for a long time, and others for only a glimpse.

It's important to know that individuals ebb and flow in and out of our lives; as we shift, and our path changes course, so can the communal foundation we have around us.

Regardless of these shifts and periods of transformation, it is vital to surround yourself with those who want to see you flourish just as much as they want to themselves, and who also understand how important it is to harness a sense of togetherness or community.


The soul-purpose of a community is to cultivate a stronger sense of unity between individuals. When this happens, we become more aware that we aren't alone in our experiences, and a big part of Mocean is to share just that...


"Fellow Movers" is a "Community in Mocean" feature where movers can share their story, offer some insight, and inspire and motivate other movers in the Calgary community and beyond. Each story authentically speaks to the three pillars of Mocean; intention, experience and purpose, and in addition, writers will share how movement has shaped their lives. Contributors are those who have inspired me throughout my journey as well individuals who are out there making a difference and encouraging others to do the same. Let this special feature shine light on the wonderful community around us and may it provide a refreshing perspective on the authentic movement journey each of us is on.

We are less divided than you think....

Stories are best read while sipping your morning coffee, ahead of your movement practice, or before you lace up and trail blaze ahead.


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