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For The Love of Movement

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Life is a together thing.

Heyo it’s Kelly here. I’ve been teaching yoga for 15 years, truly for the love of movement.

To me movement is a way to get “un-stuck.”

I specialize in teaching yoga for those with cancer. I will honestly say, my students have become some of my closest friends and wisest teachers.

We are “accountabilibuddies” yep it’s a real thing. We encourage each other each day to move. We give each other hope, and a damn good reason to roll out of bed each day.

The biggest lesson that I have learn in life this far, is that movement can be empowering beyond measure. As a Kinesiologist, I have done extensive research on the many benefits of yoga, however I must admit that it’s best experienced together.

The heartbeat behind Sowing Seeds Yoga for Cancer is “ Life is a together thing.”

No one should feel alone, especially when “THWAAAAKED” with cancer.

So we move each day, even just for 15 minutes to get “un-stuck”

We move to feel more

We move to think less

We move to breathe bigger

We move detox mentally, emotionally and physically

We move to get out of a funk

We move up unplug

We love to listen from the inside out

We move because it encourages others to keep moving too.

Life is a together thing.

“If you are going to rise, you might as well shine.” A quote I hold close to my heart, from one of my students.

With love, and high 5’s


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