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"Movement Truly Is A Blessing".

Updated: May 17, 2021

Movement has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the small southern Alberta towns of Brooks and Lethbridge, my parents owned and operated a Dance studio. My father was a ballroom dancer and naturally the three Vermette boys were subjected to learn how to dance, and be a part of music, and all that it had to offer in the dance industry. Even though dance wasn’t my thing, it certainly helped in my love and passion for athletics and team sports.

I began playing football in Junior high at the age of 14. From the first time I strapped on that football helmet I knew I wanted to play. Soon after that, I started lifting weights at the local gym and developed my athleticism to the next level. I played football at every level in Canada starting with the CJFL in Kelowna, the CIS University gridiron in Manitoba, and later, I was drafted into the CFL in 2001 to the Hamilton Tigercats. Even though my CFL career never took off, the experience was one I will cherish forever. To get to play at the top level and compete, was a dream come true. Upon retirement from football I got into construction and for many years ran my own business. Now...combine a high impact sport with a rough and tough physically demanding construction career? It’s a recipe for a lot of aches and pains in the body by the time a guy reaches the age of 40!

When I was 41, I went through a life changing experience with a divorce, it shattered me to pieces and Yoga was there to pick me up and put my life back together. I realized, after all that time I was being pointed in the direction of "the practice". As an athlete I was obsessed with stretching. I stretched before every practice, every game, every workout, at night before bed, in the morning while drinking coffee. I was always stretching. When the practice of Yoga and mindful movement came to me in my early 40’s it felt like I was coming home, home to my roots, my memories of child hood dance classes, early morning hockey practices, after school football practice and Friday night light football games under the lights. I quickly realized I wanted to teach. Having watched and listened to my Father as I dance teacher and music DJ, it felt natural to me.

I took my Yoga Teacher Training with the East Kootenay Yoga Academy in 2018 and jumped right into teaching, I fell in love with inversions and became obsessed with the mechanics and discipline involved in specific postures and skills such as a handstand, and more specifically the “press-stand”. Breath, movement, mindfulness,’s all an integral part of my life now. No matter what I’m doing, I try to be in the moment and present. My life is much richer, much more fulfilling and I am hopeful and optimistic about the potential of teaching on bigger stages; perhaps even around the world in places like Bali, Mexico and one of my favorite countries, Israel.

Movement and Yoga have opened up many doors within myself, and the outside world, to expand, grow and explore my potential. Movement truly is a blessing. I am grateful for my journey, and I look forward to seeing where movement will take me into this next chapter of my life.

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