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The Story Behind The Logo.

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Throughout my time with Jodi Toews Design, I communicated that I really wanted Mocean to be a platform for individuals to gain a deeper knowledge about the many benefits of yoga, and understand that those benefits are different for everyone - the dedicated yogi, the aspiring yogi, the curious yogi, the runner, the golfer, the skier, the hockey player- and my hope was for this to transcend into the logo. In addition to that, I wanted to create a relaxing, expansive space for all yogi's, while still staying relevant to the athletic population that I am so deeply connected to.

The Mocean logo blends the connection of breath and movement, represented as the circle, combined with the curvature of the spine paralleling a wave in the ocean. The idea of connecting the physical, spiritual, and emotional body is represented in the final form.

If you have been to one of my classes, you know how much I emphasize breath as we move throughout practice.

As for the spine, well, when you think about it, our spine enables us to stand upright, move in many ways, and a great deal of the physical or postural practice (asana) of yoga is centered around building strength in the muscles surrounding the spine, so we can then move better throughout our day-to-day practices and experiences; a complementary relationship if you ask me. In addition to strength, the amount of moveableness (mobility) in the spine will also improve. We see this in yoga in forward bending (flexion), back bending (extension), side bending (lateral flexion), and twisting (rotation).

With that said, I encourage you to think of your spine as the center of your physical practice; the brain, the nucleus, an intuitive energy.

More to come on getting to know your spine…..


The idea behind the three pillars of Mocean, came from an idea that each of us is a vehicle, a life force, an energetic movement, that translates our experiences and our intention into a sense of purpose or being. Since I always seem to return to the ocean, this transcended quite perfectly in connection to that of an ocean current; "A continuous directed movement of water (intention) generated by a number of forces (experiences) acting upon the ocean (purpose)".


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